Patterned Paving Stone

Bluestone Blue Select Natural Cleft

“Blue Select” simply means that this variety was created by selecting only blue pieces of Bluestone. The effect puts emphasis on the stone’s natural deep blue shades and subtle waves of natural cleft. This color variant adds a refreshing cool blue element to the landscape.



Natural cleft surface, sawn edges.


½ in, 1 in, 1½ in, or 2 in (nominal)


Available in random pattern, single sizes, custom sizes and our new full dimensional sizing in both paving and tile.

Pieces are cut nominally to allow for a 1/2 inch joint. Approx. sq ft footage per pallet = 150 sq ft

Pallets will include a random assortment of some of these sizes:

12 in x 12 in
12 in x 18 in
12 in x 24 in
12 in x 30 in
12 in x 36 in
18 in x 18 in
18 in x 24 in
18 in x 30 in
18 in x 36 in
24 in x 24 in
24 in x 30 in
24 in x 36 in

Coordinating Products

Our Bluestone is available in steps, treads, caps, coping, wallstone, countertops, veneer, our new custom interior tile and more.