We manage the quality and production of our products, whether imported from around the world or stateside, from the ground to the finished product. We do not purchase from large suppliers; we go out of our way to work with smaller producers who believe quality is better than quantity. Doing things the hard way equates to unsurpassed quality that can be found in our stones accuracy of cuts, gauging, color, finishes, and durability. We only partner with stone suppliers that are environmentally responsible, experienced, and capable of providing nothing but the very best stone. We pride ourselves on being the go-to stone source when the highest level of quality and craftsmanship is required.

Our exceptional selections are comprised solely of proven & tested products to withstand the harsh freeze/thaw effects of our northern climate.

Nothing compares to ORIJIN NATURAL STONE. Real stone has its own energy, an authenticity and feel that cannot be simulated. We are extremely particular about examining the natural characteristics of stone, including density, color, and texture consistency – a high standard that carries through absolutely everything we do.



Natural, real stone offers unparalleled beauty. Each stone being completely unique and reflecting the organic beauty of your landscape.


Selecting natural stone – highest-quality material available – is an investment that will add significant and lasting value to your property.


Natural stone is the longest lasting hardscape material available. Installed properly, natural stone ages gracefully and stands the test of time.