A highly beneficial extension to our stone fabrication capabilities is our comprehensive on-site digital templating service.

Essential and game-changing for projects with intricate details (i.e., radial wall caps & treads, pool & spa coping, angular or complex hearths & mantels, countertops, custom notches, cutouts), digital templating not only provides the highest level of accuracy, but drastically reduces hours of manual labor; saving you both time and money.

Our digital templating equipment uses real-time, on-site laser technology to collect field measurements within a tolerance of 1/16 of an inch. This information becomes translated into detailed CAD drawings for your approval and work in conjunction with our state-of-the-art programmable CNC machines. Shop drawings include all pertinent finish details, overhang notes, and joint allowance specifications as needed. The expertly finished parts are conveniently labeled to correspond with the approved drawings. Once on the jobsite, the stone elements fit into place with typically only minor field adjustments.

Our templating fees are estimated per project, and vary based on the requirements specific to each, including location, site time, and complete scope of measuring needs. For more information on our digital templating service and to discuss your specific needs, please contact our main office at 952.426.1141.