Our hand-finished fireplace surrounds are made to order and meticulously crafted in-house from raw stone blocks. These sculptural statement pieces become the heart of a room. From ultra-traditional to ultra-modern, each design featured below is available in a gorgeous selection of stone colors and finishes. Or, contact us for custom orders—we specialize in bringing your design to life.

FAQs about Fireplace Surrounds


What distinguishes your natural stone fireplace surrounds from others on the market?

Quality. Our fireplace surrounds stand apart through bespoke craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and the unmatched quality of our raw stone. Each piece is cut, sculpted, and hand-finished, offering traditional and modern designs that transform into the heart of any room. Our rigorous standards for stone selection ensure each surround meets and exceeds the aesthetic and functional needs of high-end projects.

We maintain strict control over our production process, from the sourcing of unique and exceptional stone to the final touches of crafting each surround. Unlike larger suppliers, we partner with small-scale producers worldwide who share our commitment to quality over quantity. This approach allows us to deliver products with precise cuts, accurate gauging, and impeccable finishes. Learn more about ORIJIN STONE quality.

Can I customize my stone fireplace surround?

Absolutely. We specialize in customizing fireplace surrounds to match your specific design preferences and project requirements. Choose from our extensive selection of stone types, colors, and finishes to create a surround that complements your space perfectly. Our expert team is here to guide you through the customization process, ensuring your fireplace becomes a central, enduring feature of your design. Learn more about our custom fabrication.

Why should I choose natural stone for my fireplace surround?

Real stone (also known as natural stone) is superior for fireplace surrounds due to its durability, natural beauty, and unique textural qualities. Natural stone offers a unique depth of character, unlike manufactured alternatives such as cast stone or other synthetic materials. Each piece showcases natural patterns and color variations that cannot be fully replicated artificially. This makes natural stone the preferred choice of architects, builders, masons, and designers for projects where luxury and authenticity are paramount.

Real stone also provides superior heat resistance and longevity. It can withstand high temperatures and harsh environmental conditions without losing its aesthetic appeal, making it especially suitable for fireplace surrounds. Each fireplace surround is a statement piece that resonates with the energy and authenticity of natural materials.

What is the difference between stone fireplace surrounds and fireplace stone veneer?

Stone fireplace surrounds and stone veneer serve distinct purposes and offer different aesthetic and structural benefits. A stone fireplace surround is a complete, self-supporting structure surrounding the fireplace box. It is crafted entirely from solid natural stone and includes the mantel, sides, and hearth, providing critical structural support and significant aesthetic value to a space.

In contrast, fireplace stone veneer is a decorative covering of varied and textured stone mortared to the walls surrounding a fireplace. While fireplace veneer enhances aesthetics, it does not provide structural support. Learn about our natural stone veneer for your fireplace project.