Random Pattern

Stone produced in RANDOM mixed pattern sizes allows the installer to create a unique, classically crafted and very natural looking stone layout.

Each pallet contains approximately 165 sq ft of material. Pieces are cut nominally for an approximate 1/2 inch joint.

12 in x 12 in
12 in x 18 in
12 in x 24 in
12 in x 30 in
12 in x 36 in
18 in x 18 in
18 in x 24 in
18 in x 30 in
18 in x 36 in
24 in x 24 in
24 in x 30 in
24 in x 36 in

***This generic random pattern is intended for Bluestone products only and is to be used as inspiration for creating your own pattern with the randomly sized pieces included with your pallet(s). Your order may or may not contain the sizing required to achieve this exact pattern.

Download Random Stone Pattern PDF