Patterned Flagstone

Bluestone Blue Select Thermal

The thermal version of Blue Select Bluestone produces a consistent and even surface. This variety is often the go-to selection for designers seeking a modern and minimalist effect. “Blue Select” simply means that this variety was created by selecting only blue pieces of Bluestone, adding a refreshing blue element to the landscape.



Thermal surface, sawn on all six sides


½”, 1″, 1½” or 2″ (gauged).


Available in random pattern, single sizes, custom sizes and our new full dimensional sizing in both paving and tile.


Pieces are cut nominally to allow for a 1/2” joint. Approx. sq’ footage per pallet = 150 sq’


Pallets will include a random assortment of some of these sizes:

12” x 12” 18” x 24”
12” x 18” 18” x 30”
12” x 24” 18” x 36”
12” x 30” 24” x 24”
12” x 36” 24” x 30”
18” x 18” 24” x 36”


Coordinating Products

Our Bluestone is available in steps, treads, caps, coping, wallstone, countertops, veneer, our new custom interior tile and more.